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In today’s oversaturated media environment, engagement is critical to a brand’s success. Princeton Partners combines business strategy, advertising, PR, and media expertise to deliver breakthrough solutions that differentiate and elevate brands so that customers take notice and take action.

Who We’ve Helped

  • Delta Dental
  • Embassy Suites Hotels
  • Health Republic Insurance of NJ
  • Jersey Fresh
  • MiniWax
  • NJR Home Services
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Thompson’s Water Seal
  • Trollbeads
  • Tylenol
  • Villeroy & boch
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Western Pest Services


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Created an award-winning site that connects consumers with growers and retailers of Jersey Fresh products.

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s “Jersey Fresh” brand is the official brand for produce from New Jersey’s independent, family-owned farms. For their products to earn the Jersey Fresh label, farmers must demonstrate a commitment to quality and freshness. For over 30 years, Jersey Fresh has stood as a mark of quality and state pride.

The NJDA asked Princeton Partners to develop a go-to resource site for all things Jersey Fresh. It would have to be appealing to consumers, educating then about and connecting them to the wide array of Jersey Fresh products, providers and services. It would also have to encourage and facilitate participation from Jersey Fresh members.

Princeton Partners responded by developing an award-winning site that was easy to use, presented the Jersey Fresh brand and content in an exciting way, and featured an innovative map that encourages consumers to discover and explore New Jersey’s agricultural abundance.

Lead Generation Agency NJ

B2C Ad Agency

B2C Ad Agency

Leads increased by 29%.

NJR Home Services (NJRHS), which provides service, equipment, and installation of home heating, cooling, and solar systems, is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Jersey Resources (NJR) gas company. While NJR’s customers love the gas company, the NJRHS brand needed to stand on its own.

Further, in the crowded home services marketplace, NJRHS needed to better differentiate itself.

Princeton Partners had to give NJR Home Services a voice all its own—an engaging voice that engendered trust.

We needed to speak to people’s emotions. Heating, cooling and solar systems can be a dry topic. But really, they’re about providing comfort in the home, especially during uncomfortable seasons. Because if you’ve ever been too hot or too cold in your home, you know that comfort matters.

With this as an underlying idea, we have been building this voice. And customers are responding. Our first promotion for them drove 29% more leads than similar promotions over the last three years.

Marketing for B2B Companies

Lead Generation and Business Growth Agency

Lead Generation and Business Growth Agency

Overall business grew 22%.

Western Pest Services is a regional business, serving the Eastern U.S. During our long partnership, we developed strategies and campaigns that drove consistent growth year over year. Some highlights include:

  • Strategy and Branding: We differentiated Western from national pest control companies and mom-and-pop exterminators with the “Local Hero” campaign. In the first year, overall lead generation grew 14% in a year where the industry overall was down 5%. Over a three-year period, 23 branches saw a double-digit growth in leads. Three branches saw triple-digit growth.
  • Lead Generation: We developed a search engine optimization program that improved year-over-year keyword coverage by 8.9%, unbranded local search traffic by 30%, local inspection form requests by 108%, and conversion rates by 86%. Measurable search results led to a 6:1 marketing ROI and growth across Western’s footprint. Western achieved 8% total lead growth, with over ten individual branches achieving record growth.
  • Lookalikes: We used sophisticated data modeling to profile Western’s most valuable customers and find the prospects that most resembled them. This allowed us to drive more qualified traffic and resulted in significant year-over-year performance in every KPI, including: cost per click down 20%, web conversions (leads) up 77%, cost per converted click down 112%, click conversion rate up 58%, and brand impressions up 300%.
Marketing for B2B Companies

Marketing for B2B Companies

Marketing for B2B Companies

Created the communications platform that heightens awareness of insurance fraud while enlisting public support to fight it.

New Jersey’s Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP), a division of the Office of the Attorney General, had originally hired Princeton Partners to develop communications that raised awareness of insurance fraud in order to deter it. Because insurance fraud is often thought of as a victimless crime, we developed the campaign to show people how much they personally lose. Insurance fraud isn’t a victimless crime. We, law-abiding citizens, are the victims.

With the arrival of Acting Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Tracy Thompson, OIFP asked us to further that campaign by creating a communications platform that would more strongly encourage the public to report insurance fraud. We wanted it to be recognizable and memorable and have a strong call to action. Importantly, it had to tell people that, even though insurance fraud is an enormous problem, people’s individual actions could make a difference.

That campaign, “Insurance Fraud. Report it. End it.”, kicked off in September 2018 and has created a steady flow of responses to the insurance fraud tip line and on-line reporting system.

Marketing for B2B Companies

Health Insurance Marketing Agency NY and NJ

Health Insurance Marketing Agency NY and NJ

Increased membership 1200%.

At the start of the campaign, HRINJ had 4,950 members, with a goal of reaching 15,000. In just three months, HRINJ had converted over 60,000 new members.

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ), a company born out of the Affordable Care Act, struggled early with poor market positioning and unsatisfactory lead generation. They hired Princeton Partners to revamp their brand messaging and optimize customer acquisition.

Princeton Partners uncovered an important aspect of HRINJ that would appeal to a marketplace dominated by major players like Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield and AmeriHealth: HRINJ’s status as a member-driven CO-OP.

Unlike their competitors, HRINJ put all of their profits back into their plans. By positioning the company as a values driven health insurance option whose mission is providing “Health to the People,” we were able to differentiate HRINJ in the market.

The campaign, which concluded with the closing of Open Enrollment on February 15, 2015, and included television, radio, digital, social, events, and direct mail, was extraordinarily successful.

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